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  • Healthy ethical cuIsine
  • Yummy cooking style
  • Funny entertainment
  • Artsy Decoration


 Although our grandparents are near ninety years old, they are still very healthy and active because they eat better and live better by Japanese authentic cuisine. Inspired by the lifestyle of our grandmother Chie from Sapporo, Japan, we have opened successful Japanese restaurants by the grandma's recipes in New York. Therefore, we decided to open a new restaurant in Seattle after we visited Seattle last year. 

In honor of our godmother, we named the new restaurant Sapporo Steakhouse. 

Sapporo Steakhouse is a casual Japanese Steakhouse with steak, seafood, and sushi. Where it is moderately priced with family-style service, it has a relaxing and lively environment to dine in. 

Sapporo Steakhouse is the premium location for Japanese sushi and hibachi in the area, by our great pride in our quality food and friendly, responsive service. Only high standards can only be maintained through our employees who share our values and desire to do the very best job possible for our guests every day.

While we guarantee our food ingredients are very fresh and high quality, we make food orders in front of your eyes. 

  • Sushi in front of you at the sushi bar

  • Teppanyaki right before your eyes at teppanyaki grill tables

  • Stir-fry through the open kitchen

We specialize in special Event parties, no matter small or large, no matter birthday or anniversary. 

  • The beautiful cocktail bar

  • The traditional sushi bar

  • The Fashionable tatami room

  • The private banquet room

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